You a freshman and you know a senior in this room, you give him everything in your body today. You break your neck to break they neck. That’s how you win big games. You hit them in the mouth. You hit them in the mouth, kings. Every single one of y’all in here are kings. You kings. So when you step on that field again you don’t say, “Let’s go my nigger.” You say, “Let’s go, king.” This is our house.

I was born a king. I was born to be a winner. I was born to be a champion. The difference between a champion and a loser is a mindset. Once you put your mind set, once you put your mindset where a killer mindset is, ain’t nobody going to stop you. Because I’ma tell you now, this game is not for nice people. And y’all know this. This game is not for nice people. This game is for young men running around neighbourhoods knowing if they don’t make a play, if they don’t get a scholarship, they going to die in that neighbourhood. They going to end up another statistic.

See, some people play the game for the Gatorade and the cheerleaders. And some people play the game because they know they got to save they family life. They got to make a way. They family tree is rotting so they got to replant one. And what football gives you the ability to do, it gives you the ability to leave the slums, go to one of the nicest colleges in the world, build your own name, build your own legacy, get drafted, and tell your momma and your daddy, and your sister, “We leaving the hood today. And you know why we leaving? Because I was unselfish. Because I left everything, I left everything on the field.”

I want you guys to believe. Don’t just listen to me. Feel me in your soul. Believe you can win. Believe you can win. Because we only get one shot at this, kings. We didn’t come this far to come this far. I’ma repeat that: we didn’t come this far to come this far. We came here to be champions. We came here to be one of the number one schools in the country. We came here to show even people in our own city, “They’re scouting us. That you will be my fan. You will follow me, and you will bite your words.” Because the head coach, you got all these coaches, all these men around you, that’s the blessing. That’s who you play for.

Because at the end of the day, you guys are going to … I’m telling you, it’s going to go fast. It’s going to go fast. One day you going to be riding down the street, you’re going to see your coach, you’re going to say, “Coach, all the lessons you gave me, I should’ve listened.” There’s going to be somebody that say that, “I should’ve listened.” But tonight, if you listen to every single word your coaches say, if you be unselfish, if you don’t think about yourself, if you don’t think about that, all them thousands of fans standing on the outside, put your mind frame on the field, keep your mind frame on the field … And when you step off that bus, you tighten up your tie and you say, “This is my business deal.” And you’re going to close the deal or you’re going to fold.

When I stepped on the field, I had a mind frame. My mother was a heroin addict. So when I stepped on the field, I thought about, “I want to save my momma life.” This man in front of me is going to stop me from saving my momma. He’s going to stop me from saving my brothers and my sisters. He’s going to stop me from taking my brothers and sisters away from crack heads, and drug addicts every day. And when I looked at my opponent across from me, I told him, “You not hungry enough. You don’t want this enough. My life on the line.”

You hear me, kings? Your life on the line today. Everything on the line. If you go out there and let them hit you in your mouth, and beat you, you quit. Those teenage boys just like you teenage boys. They be just like you. They go to class just like you. So you going to just let a man stand in front of you and say, “I’m more man than you?” Or you going to hit him in the mouth and say, “Eh boys, we came to fight. I ain’t got to talk to you. I ain’t got to bicker to you. I’m going to hit you your mouth for 60 minutes.”

Kings, whatever you do today, you leave every drop of your blood on that field today. I’m proud of you. We ain’t lost a draw. But I want you all to remember one thing, kings, remember one thing: the best gifts come from the bottom. You all know what I’m talking about. Like when you open up that cereal box as a kid, that gift was at the bottom. You had to eat through all that to get that gift at the bottom. That’s your season. That’s your season. You had to eat through all of that. Coaches cussing you out, trying to get your grades together, arguing in study hall, arguing with teammates, fighting with teammates.

Now, today is the day that you put all that in the package, you put all that in the grenade, and you blow Hoover Stadium up tonight. You let them know that Sparkman football is here for years to come. But the legacy, it starts today. I’m King Hollis man. I love y’all. Go out there and become champions. You all be blessed.

Any questions? Any questions? Any questions, kings? Any questions? How you all feeling, kings? I really want to talk to y’all a minute. How you all feeling, for real?

William Hollis: Y’all believe you all got this?

Students: Yeah.

William Hollis: You all got this, kings?

Students: Got this. Yeah.

William Hollis: I’m trying to celebrate tonight. It’s Friday night, I’m trying to be looking on my cellphone, and I’m trying to see this win. That’s what I’ll be looking for all day. That’s all I’m going to be looking for.

Wide receivers, run every run like your life depends on it. Line backers, break your neck to break they neck. I don’t care about injuries. Offensive line, get nasty. Get nasty. If you hit them in … The first plan of game, hit him in his mouth. I don’t care if it’s a draw play, you block him to the whistle is over with. Make him say, “This dude is this extra.” Make him say, “This dude is this crazy.”

A year and a half ago I was homeless on the side of a [inaudible 00:06:57] gas station, Kings, with a cracked vertebrae. Couldn’t play football no more. Doctor says, “50/50 chance you could either play again, but it’s a 75, 85% chance you going to be a paraplegic.” So I had to take this kid, I was a special Asperger kid, I couldn’t read until I was 16, I had to leave the only game I knew. I ended up homeless on that gas station, at that gas station, on the side of that gas station. I got out, Kings. I walked to a school and I volunteered to speak to a group of kids. Just like you kids. Just like you. [inaudible 00:07:28] were ready to call me back and they say, “Will how much you charge?”

Today kings, in a year and a half, I’m over 20 million total viewers on YouTube, made history on in Milan, spoke to Jacksonfield Jaguars. Robert Alfred share my motivation on his videos, on his Instagram. And it goes to show you kings, if you believe, king, anything is possible. Anything is possible.